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Why are we so Passionate?




We come to the table with over 35 years of executive experience, across multiple industries including Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions and Healthcare. We have found deep satisfaction in managing and growing high-performing teams and providing coaching to others to grow their careers. We have spent the last several years in consulting roles, providing a deeper opportunity to help others grow, and find that the ATC programs/processes best leverage and benefit others and the companies where they work. 




The opportunity to work with new organizations allows us to provide training and coaching in the following four offerings: 

  • High Impact Manager:
    • Providing 24 topics over a 12 month period covering a variety of key  components that will lead to  higher-performing managers
    • Includes online modules that coincide with the 12 classroom sessions
    • Leaves the manager with tools to use in their day to day activities ongoing
  • Align-Up
    • Addresses workplace dysfunction and how to ‘row’ in the right direction as an organization
    • Looks at 12 modules over 12 months
  • Results-Driven Sales Management
    • Allows a specialized approach to this unique department of employees
    • Key learning about this organization and how to best motivate and drive this team
  • Executive Coaching
    • One on One coaching with goal-setting and guidance to key executives