For Business Leaders and Owners - Executive Advising, Coaching and Education Services

So, What's the Bottom Line?


Why do these services matter?


There are definite benefits received for utilizing these services. Statistics show that aligning an organization using the skills taught make the organization 200% more effective. Management staff will see a very similar improvement, but more importantly, will show an increase of retention of new workforce members. In the area of Executive Coaching, there has been a notable 700% Return on Investment based on the effectiveness of management including productivity improvements of these managers’ direct-report teams. 

One other thing to consider – it can take up to nine months to bring a new manager up to speed as he/she replaces an existing manager. 

Consider this statistic as the current workforce seems to be at a 50% turnover, and that means that the cost to a company can be extremely expensive, vs. the cost of investing in the existing employee. 

In Summary...


we can deliver great tools, education, and training that can be applied to make that investment in the employee population, and our team would really like to help make these employees more productive, excited about what they do, and help out the organization at the same time.