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What We Do

Our Mission

Strategic Orchestration LLC empowers organizations to take advantage of their  resource investments (people and technology) by accenting strategy in harmony with its business vision through education and coaching.

What We Do

 Our role is to help coach and educate managers and executives in companies of all sizes. Current statistics indicate that there is an epidemic, to the point of over 72% of employees feeling disengaged as well as an average turnover rate of about 50% in the first year for new employees.  

There is an ongoing need to remove dysfunction and ineffectiveness from an organization utilizing real-world experience from an impartial point of view. We provide the skills and knowledge to gain better alignment, buy-in and re-engagement of employees.

Why It Works

 Utilizing the Allen Training Center materials, we provide a well-rounded delivery of an educational process which includes a Blended Learning approach. This approach includes online modules, key learning materials including classroom learning, as well as engaged follow-up activity to really cement in these skills and techniques well into the future. 

Gadsden/Etowah County Chamber of Commerce Member 2019 / 2020